Future Direction

Future Direction

The West Main Realignment Project is expected to carry forward to:

  • Complete engineering plans, estimates and specifications for construction of Project 1;
  • Acquire rights-of-way for Project 1; and
  • Build Project 1.

The project footprint is completed with "60%" plans on Project 1 (from Allen Street Bridge west to the end of the crossover onto Catlin Street and modifications to the instersection of Catlin & Ocean Beach Highway) submitted and reviewed. Those landowners and tenants who will be impacted will have received notice, or will soon, and offers submitted to them for purchase and relocation costs. By the time rights-of-way are cleared, full plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) are expected to be delivered with the bid process following shortly thereafter.

As reported earlier, receipt of the TIB Grant has enabled construction of Phases 1 and 2, now termed Project 1. The full funding package has a few minor items to work out, but is expected to be completed before right-of-way is completed and will be ready to go to construction.

We are planning for completion of rights-of-way and PS&E by the end of 2012, with construction following nearly immediately. We will definitely update this information when we have a better idea of when bids are expected to be let.