Kelso Stormwater Advisory Committee (KSAC)

Kelso Stormwater Advisory Committee (KSAC)

Public Involvement

The City of Kelso is seeking a citizen to serve as the Stormwater Permittee/Affected Business Owner member of the Kelso Stormwater Advisory Committee. To hold the position, the member shall be an owner, operator, or representative of a privately owned facility within the City that is permitted and currently operating under Washington State’s Industrial or Construction Stormwater NPDES permit programs.

The Kelso Stormwater Advisory Committee provides opportunities for the public to participate in the decision making processes involving the development, implementation and update of the Kelso’s Stormwater Management Program. For additional information concerning this position, please contact Van McKay at the Community Development Department at 577-3323.

To apply, please submit an:

Application for City of Kelso Boards and Commissions

Meeting Information

The KSAC generally meets quarterly on the last Wednesday of the month, from 4:00pm - 5:00pm at the Kelso City Hall, located at 203 S. Pacific Ave. If you need additional information on the meetings please contact:

Van McKay, City Stormwater Manager

Next KSAC Meeting:

April 24th @ 4:00pm
City Hall Conference Room 203
203 S. Pacific Ave.
Kelso, WA 98626

KSAC Member Roster
KSAC Bylaws

KSAC Meeting Minutes




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