Engineering Permits

Engineering Permits

Right-of-Way Permit

This permit authorizes work in the City's Right-of-Way meaning all real property owned or held by the city in fee, or by way of easement, or dedicated to the public and located within the city, and used or intended for use as a street, alley, sidewalk, public way or easement for public or private utilities, whether developed or undeveloped. (KMC 12.14.030)


Right-of-Way Application

Right-Of-Way Permit Application


What are the costs that could be associated with a Right-of-Way permit?

Sample Fee Schedule for Single Family Residence (Microsoft .xls - Can be manipulated to your particular needs)
Sample Fee Schedule for Single Family Residence
(Adobe .pdf)

Resolution No. 07-953 - Fees To Be Charged To Work In The Public Right-Of-Way

Ordinance No. 12-3765 - Engineering Commercial Design Review Fees 

Ordinance No. 12-3788 - Stormwater Management Rates

Ordinance No. 10-3733 - Water & Sewer Rates

Construction of Public Improvements Procedure for Permit Projects by Private Contract

Where public improvements are to be constructed within public right-of-way (including public easements), the Owner/Developer may elect to construct the public improvements by public contract (City) or by private contract. Whenever the Owner/Developer wishes to have the costs for public improvements assessed to the benefited property via an LID/ULID, the projects will be administered by the City and the improvements will be constructed by City Contract. (KMC 12.10)



If you have any questions regarding Right-of-Way permits please contact our Engineering Department anytime Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm by calling (360) 423-6590 or by email: